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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Message: "Oops ... Server Error. :("

Reason: Station is starting up

Solution: Wait a few more minutes

The average revenue per rental?

€3, around 100 minutes of charging is normal, but with some few holding the powerbank for more than a day, this increases the average revenue per rental

What is the minimum cost for the user?

You as a Network Partner decide the price model, however you must charge at least €0,5 per transaction, e.g. per 30 or 60 minutes because of PSP regulations.

What in-app options are there for payments?

Mastercard, Visa, Apple Pay, Google Pay and more to come (like PayPal). More payment options can be integrated upon request.

Which station gets the revenue, the rental or the return station?

The rental station

It says they can return it at any other station and charge "on the go" - they don't have to stay at that location and wait for their device to charge. And I also suppose that if they don't return it, they will get charged for its cost? How long can they keep it for before it's considered lost or stolen?

Correct, the customer does not have to stay at the location and wait for their device to charge. The customer can return the powerbank at any other station. If they don't return the powerbank after 5 days without returning it to a station then it is the customer's to keep and they will be charged for 5 days of rental and €25 for the powerbank.

Do the station prices and fees include VAT?

No, they exclude VAT

Do the rentals include VAT?

Yes, the price is including VAT

What does the revenue look like from month to month?

Depends on the size of your network, your pricing model, and other factors. Today the average transaction is around €3 per rental.

Who gets the revenue from advertisement deals on the Brick stations or power banks: the Network Partner or Brick HQ?

85% of the revenue will go to the Network Partner, 15% to Brick HQ.

Is there insurance or a warranty on the stations?

We have 1-year factory warranty

Do you have any statistics on returning users?

17.7% of users rent at least twice within the past 90 days

Customer support language?

Mainly, English. However, we also translate all messages to your market language, this enables us to help every client in our markets.

What happens if the station gets destroyed or breaks?

This is something you can decide in your venue agreement; who will be responsible for the station. In Sweden, we don't charge a venue partner if the station breaks. We have a 1-year factory warranty, however, Brick does not take responsibility for damaged or lost stations if not from a factory issue.

How is the station delivered?

Ready to use, power banks in separate boxes but included in the station price. It is plug-and-play.

What happens if power banks disappear?

We can deliver more when needed, you only pay the handling fee.

Do I need to do anything to make sure my stations are working properly? Do they need any type of "servicing"?

The stations are ready to use when delivered. Once you receive the stations then you plug them in and Brick has a web page with step by step instructions (photos included) on how to set up your stations. The stations do not require servicing other than refilling the powerbanks when needed.

What do I need from the business/location in order for the station to work? Electricity?

Not much except for a plug in a normal power outlet.

What happens when a power bank breaks? Are they repairable, do I need to buy a new one? Is the customer charged?

When a power bank breaks, we need to understand if it is a production flaw or a customer that breaks it. If it is a production flaw, we will send you new powerbanks for free. If a customer breaks it, they should not be able to return it and will automatically purchase it. If a powerbank is lost or purchased, you will earn €25 for the lost power bank on top of the price of renting it. You can always buy more power banks from us for the price of €10 a piece.

What happens if a station breaks?

There is a 1-year factory warranty. If a station breaks, we cannot repair it as the system is complex and usually not mechanically related. Any software-related errors can assist with, but not physical damage.

Who is liable if any damage is done to a power bank or station and what are the proceedings?

We are not liable if damage has been done. During shipping, it is the producer's responsibility. All the stations have a 1-year factory warranty. After you receive the stations, you can choose to get insurance on the stations. That is up to you. We will try to help you but if the station is broken, it's broken.

The lifespan of the machine, how long do they last?

The stations have a lifespan of at least 3-5 years.

What sets Brick apart from other powerbank sharing companies?

What sets Brick apart from other powerbank sharing companies is that we offer our Network partners the opportunity to license our platform to use our brand and service and upon signing everything is ready to go. We are a power bank network brand. Other powerbank sharing companies have a label where they employ and expand (white label), but we are offering this as a franchise where you have our brand, and platform, and we help with everything technical.

Can you offer SIM cards in my region?

It depends on the region - we need to check in our telecom provider Tele2’s Roaming list, We only support countries in region A & B, not C & D.

Is there a WiFi option for stations?

Currently, there is no Wi-Fi option but it is something that we are looking into and testing at the moment.

Can I join Brick as an individual or do I have to use my company?

You can sign as an individual, but we recommend you use a company to operate since it will be easier for tax purposes and you would be personally responsible for reporting income and VAT.

On top of that, we would have to add VAT to our invoices, making all fees and hardware costs 25% higher. If you have an existing company for another purpose, you can adjust your MCC Code to match the Brick business later.

If there is a factory-related issue with the hardware I received, how do I proceed?

Any identified issues shall be reported to Brick HQ, and delivered stations shall be inspected upon delivery. Malfunctions that occur later than after delivery have to be shown to be due to manufacturing faults and not later handling. The Network Partner shall support Brick with sufficient documentation to pursue any warranty claims further with the manufacturer. (Under Hardware in the agreement)

When does the station warranty come into effect?

The 1-year warranty applies from when you have received the station; Purchased Brick Stations are covered by a 1-year warranty for manufacturing faults.

Can I choose any geographical target region to run my Exclusive Network Partnership?

You can request any region for exclusivity, we will look at your business case and assess if it is possible.

Can I expand my Exclusive region later if I want to, even if I have signed an agreement for a smaller region?

Yes, this is something we can discuss after you have launched your network.

Who handles customer support?

We handle the customer service in the app and in the website. If there is a hardware-related issue that needs attention, we will reach out to you to handle it.

Is there a possibility of mounting the stations to a wall? If not by default, can we make a custom holder for the station to make it mountable?

You may create a custom holder if that is requested, we don’t have a solution for that today.

Are customers able to recharge a Brick power bank without the station?

There is a power input for Android chargers on the side of the Brick power bank so users can use the power bank if they have purchased it after 5 days.

How are the stations connected to the internet?

They are connected to the internet through a SIM card. If they aren’t connected to the internet, they can’t release a power bank.

Will the station work if it isn’t connected to the internet?

No, in order to release a power bank, it needs to be connected to the internet.

Can I receive notifications through the Admin Dashboard when something happens?

Not as of now, but we are looking into it!

If my language isn’t available in the Brick app, who will translate it?

You will make the translation in-app, we love to get your input on the translation before releasing it!

Is it allowed to use the station or power bank for third-party or venue partner advertisements?

If a venue partner or third party wants to advertise on the power bank or station, it is possible to put a sticker there. The Brick logo must be visible on at least one side, and the sticker cannot cover the bottom text on the back of the power bank.

Can Brick HQ regulate how many network partners or stations there are in a specific region?

Brick will regulate pricing in an area of multiple Network partners. Brick will also assess the capacity for stations and Network partners if we receive multiple requests for the same market. We also have regulations to make sure the Brick network won’t cannibalize.

What is Brick Pass?

Brick Pass (formerly known as Brick Premium) is a planned feature that enables people to pay a monthly subscription in order to use Brick for free. We don’t have a release date yet, but will inform you the rules and regulations once we are ready to launch.

In the agreement, you mention the inflation rate. How is the target region inflation rate connected to the station fee rate?

This is a standard term in agreements to ensure that Brick pricing is able to follow the market price rate. It does not mean that we automatically raise the price, only that we can if necessary.

Do Network partners have targets they have to reach in a certain time period? If yes, what kind?

Only Exclusive network partners have milestone expansion targets, but speed is always key in placing your stations. Our Partner Success program will ensure that you are on the right track, even if you as a Network Partner don’t have set targets to reach.

Regarding customer support: How is the support handled for venues and for users respectively?

The Network partner handles customer support for venues. We are always ready to assist you in this matter, but the dialogue is between you and the venue manager or staff.

How do I receive money?

Through Stripe if they connect a user to our account, or through a credit invoice from HQ.

How does receipt/invoice work?

Every completed (or purchased) rental has a receipt, users can find these under each rental in the app. This procedure is automatic and not something Network Partners have to create or send manually.

My market has special rules for sending a receipt or invoice, will this service work here too?

Tell us what you need and what company you want to use, we will set up a meeting if needed and integrate that solution with Brick with the invoicing company. We integrate what is needed for every market.

Does the venue get any percentage of shared revenue?

This is entirely up to you. We share a revenue percentage in the Swedish market, but you are not obliged to.

"Payment failed" in the Dashboard - what does it mean and what do I do?

The payment failure means that we could not collect the amount for that transaction. The PSP (here Stripe) won't specify the exact reason for security reasons, however, most of the time this is because of insufficient funds on the card. We retry payments occasionally to try to get the charge but handle this on HQ as we sometimes refund users when they contact us on customer support. It is also handled by us so as to not have too many retries too often, which can have a bad impact on Stripe. Rest assured, we always retry the payment charge from all failed payments.

How long until I can see good usage in a venue?

Depending on the market, it can take up to 6 months. For a new venue, you should know the quality after up to 3 months if the station is placed properly.

Can I use my company branding as an ENP?

In the Exclusive Network partnership agreement, it states that you as an ENP are free to use the hardware for advertisement, as long as it does not cover the Brick logo or other texts on the hardware. That is, if you and a third party have a marketing agreement, you may brand stations and power banks. However, you may not co-market your own brand on Brick hardware. As a Network Partner, you are a representative of Brick and therefore not allowed to present Brick products as part of anything else.

What do we do with the stations after the contract is over?

They are yours to keep (in the contract) and if you decide not to continue with the partnership then we will contact our network and find someone who is in need of stations. The former NP would get the money from the stations.

What do milestones look like in the ENP?

Specific to your market and country. An example would be placing a certain amount of stations or ordering stations by a certain amount of time. The point of them in general is to ensure partner success to see you’re on a healthy track and how we can help you reach profitability. If the business reaches a halt, then there might be discussions about exclusivity.

What is next for Brick? We are constantly looking into new features and functions! Right now we are focusing on power bank sharing, but keep our eyes open for new areas of sharing as well. What are some selling points you give to venues?

It is important to understand that you will have to talk to a lot of different people and venues. Bringing a station to demo the product, together with our sales material provided, should be enough to spark interest and get your stations placed when speaking to venue owners and managers! Usually, it is good to ask if their customers ever ask if they can charge their phones. They do, and you have the best solution for this problem.

Do I need a team to operate my market? This depends on a few factors:

- How much time can/will you spend on Brick?

- How many stations do you plan on placing?

- Geographical distance between your stations

If you consider having a large network with many stations, you will need help in operating Brick. This can be done through employment or third-party assistance, both have been tried and tested successfully.

Question about the powerbanks moving and in someone other partners possession? There is a global partner community to make sure you can solve these issues and we will help you in doing so!

What will happen if a user doesn't have enough money in their bank account and steals the power bank or at least doesn't have enough money to pay for usage? This can happen, but we are taking a lot of actions to ensure that this type of fraudulent behavior is brought down to a minimum. We at Brick can also retry payments through our dashboard if the payment didn't go through.

What is the best suitable marketing for this kind of service?

The best marketing we have found is word of mouth and having the stations physically present. With the stations present, the users or potential venues can see how the product works and how to use it. Read more about that here.

Onboarding the staff at the venues so they know how to use the service is incredibly helpful as well. In addition, we have marketing materials such as presentations, flyers, posters, stickers, and more through Canva, a graphic design platform that we will onboard you to.

I don’t want to give my venue partners any revenue share, but what do you think I should do?

• Profit share is a good instrument to say “We are in this together”.

• We have experienced that venues more easily abandon contracts if there’s no profit share in the agreement

• We highly recommend that the profit share is pitched as partnership transparency, not as a profitable service partnership. The profit share could be presented as compensation for the additional power consumption

• We have deals ranging from 10-25%. The largest department store in Sweden with 70 stations has 30%.

• Last but not least, remember to pitch Brick to venues as a way to alleviate the stress and responsibility to be in charge of customers' phones. It is a kind of service that will make their lives easier and will enable them to do their job better.

Do you have network partners that have shown consistent profitability?

Yes, we have partners that have a continuously growing network and they are more likely to be profitable quicker.

Can a partner upgrade to the market owner at any time or when the contract is finished?

Yes, can upgrade to MO at any time!

It would be interesting to know also how you are dealing with competition and what is your long-term strategy or projection for the future for your company, which I would become a part of. Our long-term strategy is to become the number 1 powerbank sharing company in the world. This projection is well on the way and we are now focusing on the EU and North America.

We are developing the platform to introduce more IoT sharing products for revenue. Why 1 rental per station per day?

1 rental per station per day is what we see right now on an average active station across all markets.

How often does a user keep the powerbank?

1-3% of the time

Could you please prepare a list of all located stations worldwide currently? And the amount of all stations.

We have 2,500+ stations out in the markets that are waiting to be placed or put in venues. The list is changing all the time and it is hard to have an exact estimate. Please take the time to download our app so you check out the stations worldwide!

Can you bill me for the stations and powerbank’s separately?

Yes, we will send 2 invoices

What does the market entry strategy look like?

We have an intense onboarding process with our Partner Success Manager, have pre-written sales emails, will give you access to our global community. If we don’t have something you need then we can implement it!

When new features are introduced, will I have to upgrade my stations in order to take advantage?

Should expect to purchase new stations when upgrades (WiFi or POS) are implemented

Why is a powerbank sharing company necessary?

Not only for convenience but also for safety as well! We are here when you need us. We try to answer this here as well.

Is there a cancellation period for the NP contract if there are some unforeseen circumstances?

The length of the agreement is binding (12 months)

What happens to the hardware after the 1 year factory warranty ends?

Check this article. Apart from the warranty we can help you fix stations.

How many extra powerbanks do I need?

We suggest leaving one or two slots open so that there's an open slot in case users move the powerbanks between stations. We can always send additional powerbanks as needed, but a handful of spare users who keep the powerbanks (where they're charged the rental fee for five days plus the purchase fee). Roughly speaking, about 2-3% of rentals end up being powerbank purchases.

How do I replace a SIM card on a 12-slot station?

Can I put a 6-slot station on a stand/tower?

The stand does light up with a large Brick logo. It's designed to fit the medium, 12-slot station (you attach screws to the 'feet' of the station). It doesn't exactly fit the footprint of the 6-slot station so, while you could place it atop the tower, it wouldn't be secured to the tower.

If someone damages the station, will you send me another one?

No, we can try to help you fix it! We don’t cover damages.

SIM cards for non-EU and non-North America markets?

SIM cards should be supplied by the local market direct to our supplier in China to be installed, the local market will provide us with APN info.

Powerbank rentals and minimum hold with the first transaction

We have a low threshold for the initial hold on a user’s account to rent a powerbank. This hold usually covers the first interval for a rental (typically 30 or 60 minutes). The hold works like a hold when checking into a hotel to cover incidental chargers. Our hold amount is low as our fee is low. Charging more tends to mean fewer rentals, rather than risking the occasional powerbank that may end up being purchased by a user only being charged the hold amount and then not returning the powerbank. The account will still be attempted to be charged 5 times from the initial rental to capture the payment.

Backup power in case of a power outage? Essentially how will the station work if there is a power outage?

No, there is no backup power in case of a power outage. If there is no electricity then, unfortunately, the station cannot work.

What is needed to set up the SIM card? What SIM card is needed for the station?

As far as the size of the 6 slot and 48 slot a Micro SIM is used and for the 12 slot a Nano SIM is used. Both a dynamic and static SIM card works and we suggest that you get a SIM card connected to an IoT platform rather than a phone SIM card.

Will I always get the minimum reserved amount even though the payment failed?

No, but it’s something we will implement soon

The lifespan of the powerbanks?

Can be hard to estimate as it goes in and out of the hands of users but they have a lifespan of 500 charges.

Option for a Market Owner to buy out Network Partner?

Yes, this is a possibility

What happens if I place a station outside of the city limits of my network?

If wanting to go outside the limits of the market, please check with Brick HQ

Would Brick be able to provide different-length power cords? We take the standard cord from our manufacturer. If you want a different kind of outlet plug then we will make sure we get you what will work in your market.

What is the difference between an MO and NP?

Check this article for more information

Do I have to make marketing materials by myself?

We have Canva with a library of designs that you can use

Way to bolt down medium or large station?

Yes, there is a way to bolt down the medium, stand, and large. However, we don’t have pre-made holes. We specifically designed it so that you are free to choose how you secure it.

What if I signed a contract in one city but want to operate in another region because there are better connections there?

Please contact us with this request as we will need to renegotiate the contract as you signed for one specific location. However, we would like to help you so you can operate where you have the best connections and see if the market is available.

How do you prevent people from stealing powerbanks?

We have a system in place to make sure that people can’t just take a powerbank. For example, the purchase price is set at €50 and we will keep charging the user. You as the partner will profit from people not returning their powerbanks.

How much storage is available on the 24- and 48-slot stations?

48-slots have roughly 3 GB of internal storage. It is roughly the same for 24-slot towers.

I want to know exactly if there is a business relationship between us, what exactly do I receive from you, and what is the relationship between us?

If you decide to do business with Brick then you will become a representative of Brick or as we call it, a partner of ours. As a partner, you will bring our stations, software, application, and brand to your market and operate the franchise how you see fit. So you will purchase the stations (minimum order is dependent upon your type of partnership) and earn revenue off the rentals. We will equip you with tools to manage your partnership such as our app, dashboard, and branding/marketing materials.

Is VAT taken out before or after the Stripe payout?

Stripe automatically takes out VAT, revenue share, and the transaction fee from Stripe before it goes to your account. So Stripe takes it out before the payout.

If there is another Market Owner or Network Partner in Amsterdam could they move to a venue across the street from me?

Yes, they can. Brick Partners can't cannibalize business from each other but they can be in the same region and in venues close by each other. If this happens, we have a global partners Slack channel where you and the other Brick partner in Amsterdam can connect and talk through strategy and placement.

What are the pros for me to be an SNP?

The pros of being an SNP are going into an already launched and successful market that otherwise would be unable to enter into. You are able to be a Brick Partner but do not have to do market evaluations as the market has already been launched. In addition, you will have a collection of users who are familiar with the Brick brand and products and will use your stations as well. Finally, since the market is up and running you can still effectively manage things outside the Brick business (such as work and family) and have time for Brick as well.

What programming language is the dashboard written in?

The dashboard is written in a mix of JavaScript and React.

Is there independent research on the need for our service?

Shared Keolis - Safety Angle doc which includes survey data on the usefulness of Brick.

The ecological footprint of 48-slot stations?

Safety point of view in terms of fire, especially with the instances of spontaneous fires from charging units, what can Brick provide in terms of safety for lithium?

As a general rule, Brick will compensate the NP for any direct losses incurred due to liabilities caused by faults intrinsic to the products

What are the shipping terms?

EXWorks - customer picks up goods at the factory and pays all further costs

FOB - factory delivers goods to a warehouse in Shenzen/Hong Kong where customer provided details (customer chooses logistic agent), and pays factory-warehouse freight and local charges at Shenzen port

CIF - factory arranges everything and ships goods to destination port, customer needs to do clearance and pay local charges at destination port and pay duty charges, if any.

DDP - factory delivers goods to customer’s warehouse in destination country. Customer does nothing but wait for goods arrival

Is it possible to repair the station if it stops working after the 1-year warranty?

Do you have a workshop where you can repair them? What happens in such a case? In this case it is best to contact your Partner Success Manager and assess the problem and if it can be fixed or not. We don't have a workshop to repair and it is best to contact us and see how we can move forward. We will help you to try to fix it.

I see a different number of available powerbanks in the app vs what I see in the dashboard, what’s up?

They can have a difference for legit reasons.

As an app user, you are shown the powerbanks you can rent

As a dashboard user, you are shown all the powerbanks. For example, if a powerbank has low battery you will have different numbers for dashboard and app.

How can I have custom pricing, like daily charging, at a specific venue?

In the Brick Dashboard, click ‘venues’, followed by ‘pricing model’, then toggle on ‘custom pricing’. Presently there is not a daily charging toggle, but if you set the max cost per day price for hourly as you do for daily charging, daily charging is effectively activated.

Can I make my own website?

The Brick brand is hosted and owned by us, any third party that wants to promote Brick is welcome to do so but not by using Brick as the sender or pretending to represent Brick.

Example: You can’t claim to be Brick in a promotion. It should be clear that the sender is not Brick.

Can we automate venue payouts so we don’t have to do it ourselves?

At the moment, we can’t. The process will be manually handled by you as a partner. We annual or bi-annual payouts to make it easier for you.

Why do we need to set up a company?

We require all partners regardless of partnership type to create a company because of legal risks on all ends and to streamline the payment and invoicing process.

Will you require a deposit when using the POS system on the stations?

Depends on the market, although fairly likely that most markets will have a reserve of a certain amount. Likely for 250kr or €25.

Information about the manufacturer?

Name: Shenzhen Ruioo Electronics Co.,Ltd. We have been working with them since the start of Brick and have visited the facility many times since the start of our relationship.

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