If your rental hasn't ended you can try a couple of things:

  • Restart the app (close down and re-open).

  • If the app still shows that you have an active rental, check if the power bank was returned properly.

  • It has to be returned with the bottom first to lock properly

  • Did the power bank lock? You should've heard a *clicking*-sound when you pushed it in.

  • Do you see the blue led light next to the slot? If it's still dark, please give the power bank an additional push until you hear the *click*.

  • If the power bank is locked in the slot, with the blue light, please send a message to our chat or email and we will help you.

  • Take a picture of the station where you returned it for simpler customer support. Don't worry, we will only charge you for the time that you actually rented it.


Need more help? Email us at help@brickapp.se

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